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Grunlabs Global Ventures

Our Business Philosophy

GRUNLABS GLOBAL VENTURES is simply a sales and marketing company which is focus on Sales and marketing of diagnostic kits, Consumables, Medical Devices and equipment. Grunlabs has been the industry's standard since the June 2018.

The company has taken the diagnostic services very important by providing quality and affordable laboratory and hospital consumables which can easily be accessed by healthcare professionals in Nigeria.


What Do We Offer?

We are focused on diagnosis, by the sales and marking of medical devices for fast and easy diagnosis (point of care testing devices), laboratory diagnostics kits, consumables.

Medical Consumables

Grunlabs Global Ventures is a company that is focused with the sales and marketing of laboratory consumables and CSSD consumables. We do training for CSSD/TSSU technicians on sterile procedures. We also train on safe method of disposing and handling medical waste.

Rapid Diagnostic Kits

Grunlabs Global Ventures pride herself in the provision of quality brands for rapid diagnostic kits such as HCV, Malairia Pf /PAN , FOB kits etc.

Medical devices

Grunlabs Global Ventures pride herself in the provision of devices like Glucometer, HBA1C Devices.

Medical Equipment

Medical Equipment that cut across all clinical areas ranging from radiology, ICU, theatre, General Medicine.

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