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About Us

Grunlabs Global Ventures is a company That is focused on diagnosis, by the sales and marking of medical devices for fast and easy diagnosis (point of care testing devices), laboratory diagnostics kits, consumables.

The organization was incorporated with the Cooperate Affairs commission in July 2018. Since then we have been able to provide the Nigerian health sector with quality rapid diagnostics kits and point of care devices for several diagnosis.

Gunlabs is committed on providing the best diagnostics tool and therapeutics in a vast clinical areas by providing rapid diagnostic kits , reagents, and point of care devices.). Grunlabs is focused in ensuring proper diagnosis of various kind of diseases for proper management and treatment.

Also Grunlabs is steadfast in her campaign of get tested before Medication to prevent drug abuse and miss use. We are focused to give the best quality of diagnostic tool for health care professionals.

Grunlabs Global Ventures

Our Mission

To be the foremost healthcare company in Nigeria in providing Diagnostic Kits and devices by 2027 with satisfied stake holders.

Our Values

Our core values include Integrity, Passion for excellence, Innovation and Customer focus.

These 4 core values stand as the bed rock for all operations of the organization from field sale to customer service down to procurement. This has translated into an excellent communication skill both internally and externally.

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